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Bridging the Gap Between Management and Strategy

The new role of quality, safety, environment and other management system professionals

The demand for expanded business environmental, social and economic accountability is surging. Investors, business customers, governments, standards bodies and end-customers are asking organizations to be the agents of change to save our world. But traditional entities often don’t have management roles defined to fill the gap between top level mandates and operational implementation. Increasingly, that role is being filled by quality, safety, environmental and other “management systems” professionals whose value to satisfy these needs is already being realized. 

The Corporate World is Radically Changing

This paper will guide you through those changes and how management system professionals can take advantage of their new role, reaping the benefits of organizational improvement and career advancement. This paper discusses:

  • ISO standards to encourage stakeholder involvement
  • The new skills to understand and deliver ISO 3.0
  • Increasing the value of today’s management system professionals
  • Corporate accountability executive skills
  • Bottom-line benefits to organizations
  • The benefits of achieving Management System Specialist (MSS) and Management System Professional (MSP) designations
  • How to compound training investment by training future trainers within an organization

This white paper will help quality, safety, and environmental managers understand their role in a corporate world that is evolving and realize the potential for developing skill sets to serve their organizations in greater capacity.

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