Why Do I Need an MSP Designation and How Can I Get One?

Why Would You Want This Certification? ISO Is Changing!

Thirty years and 5 updates later, ISO 9001:2015 has become the most prevalent ISO Standard on the planet. But is your organization reaping the benefits of being certified to it? The current version in its ‘High Level Structure’ has evolved into an excellent framework for managing business processes, but many organizations are not aware of the value that can be realized from application of the requirements in these Standards.

ISO has changed into a more risk-based, process focused model that can bring many benefits to any kind of organization – Private, Public Service and not-for-profits can all benefit.

If You Could Improve Operations in Your Organization…

…could it help your career? Could it raise your status in your organization? By implementing the ISO Standards we’ve put together in this Certification Program, you’ll become more valuable to your organization and any other organization that you may be interested in working with. These Standards are universally suited to improving the effectiveness of any management system and the program works equally well across all certified management systems. It’s particularly valuable for Integrated Systems.

By adding these skillsets, you will be much better prepared for the next phase of your career!

The Management Systems Professional certification will…

  • Provide quality employees with ISO standards-based skills and perspectives that will help them guide their organizations into new, more future-aligned approaches such as wider stakeholder bases, more sustainable operations, more risk and probability-based decision making and an expanded use of ISO Standards.
  • Equip quality employees with the tools to help internally market the value and positive impact of this more advanced and integrated systems approach to managing.
  • Give quality employees an expanded career potential in terms of organizational influence, compensation, and occupational demand.
  • Offer a curriculum consisting of Standards that are internationally recognized and used. This makes the learning you’ll get universal and portable.
  • Help employees implement projects to enhance their existing quality management systems.

How It Works

All of the IMSI Management System Specialist and Management System Professional courses are 100% free. These courses are selected to build upon existing quality management knowledge and skills and enhance your career potential.

How to Become a Management System Specialist (MSS)

Completing courses 1-3 offers the potential for earning a Management System Specialist (MSS) designation.

How to Become a Management System Professional (MSP)

Completing courses 1-6 offers the potential for earning a Management System Professional (MSP) designation.

All of the Management System Professional/Specialist courses are free to complete in their entirety. If a course and all quizzes are completed with 100%, a student is eligible for a course certificate as documentation of their successful course completion/competency. Students can fill out the form at the end of their course to request a certificate. Course certificates are required if students plan on completing a project to move on to earn an MSS or MSP designation. Course certificate and project completion is required for each course to achieve the corresponding designation (3 certificate purchases and 3 projects for and MSS designation and 6 certificate purchases and 6 projects for MSP). Guided projects are $500 and are required for an MSS or MSP designation.

A course certificate offers the following benefits:

  • It is a recognition of professional achievement.
  • It documents competence as required in ISO clause 7.2.
  • It can enhance your career by demonstrating competency to current and/or future employers.
  • A certificate after each course is necessary in order to achieve a Certified Management System Specialist (MSS)/Management System Professional (MSP) designation. Once a certificate is obtained, you will participate in a guided project to demonstrate competency in that particular course. You may also choose to complete one larger project that encompasses all of the courses.

If you have already completed a course, it will be listed as complete under the Account tab.

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