MSP Course #4 – ISO 45003 – Psychosocial Health and Safety at Work

This course is the 4th in the series on your path to becoming a ‘Certified Management System Professional’ (MSP)

It covers the clauses of ISO 45003 that will enhance your ISO 45001 System to create a more ‘psychosocial sensitive’ culture in your workplace.


After you take the online course, if your organization would benefit from having a customized course, we can develop one for you.

It could be structured like this: First week of instruction: Monday – Thursday – Four online sessions of 3 hours each day, 12 hours total. We use the IMSI 80/20 Model: 20% Instructor lecturing, and 80% exercises. ZOOM lets us create break-out rooms so 2 or 3 people can work together on exercises. Then a three week Break to do the project. Students will be working together in the ‘Forum’ to share ideas and complete the project as a team or helping each other. Participants can access the Instructor with questions and/or talk to each other.Project will be specific to each organization and will be designed to improve the effectiveness of their management system, no matter what kind of system it is.


Certificates of Achievement may be purchased after the training course and Certificate of Competence after completion and review of an organization-specific project.


This knowledge will help you get started on the path to a more employee-focused approach to developing a supportive culture in your organization.

There are 8 Lessons:

Lesson 1: Introduction; Lesson 2: Clause 4 Context of the organization; Lesson 3: Clause 5 Leadership and Worker Participation; Lesson 4: Clause 6 Planning; Lesson 7: Clause 9 Performance Evaluation; Lesson 8: Clause 10 Improvement

Each Lesson has a number of ‘Topics’ and a quiz – we hope you enjoy the course and let us know if we need to make any adjustments or clarifications! You can reach Jim at – Thanks!

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