Errors? Who Cares?!?

Errors or non-conformances cost us big time, but most organizations don’t realize it. Not only are there hard costs, but there are many hidden costs that add up to reduced profits – logging the issue, containing it, deciding on a cause, implementing a solution, checking it for effectiveness and reviewing risk management to see if it could have been avoided! And much more…

Anyone who touches a product during the workflow or is part of service delivery can have an impact. They can think, ‘So what? – it’ no big deal’. Or they can realize that they’ve impacted the results you’re after.

One thing to understand is the math around costs and profit – if your organization is earning a 2% net profit, it will take $50,000 of new revenue to replace that $1000 you just lost. This is not a theory – $50,000 X .02 = $1,000. It’s a fact!!

So get your folks on board to be proactive – flex your risk management muscles and stop errors before they happen. It’s a great source of pride and will hit the bottom line on the ‘good’ side!

Know Quality, Know Profits…No Quality, No Profits

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