More Employee Engagement! WIIFM – Part 2

Three more keys to improve employee engagement…

1. Improve Communications

All organizations can afford to improve communications. In fact, a video I used to show in College included the line, “Communication is a synonym for ‘Life’.” So true…

Sending an e-mail is NOT communication! ‘Communication’ has two components – 1. Send the message…2. Ensure that the message was received and understood in the way it was intended.

2. Management Appreciation Through Actions – a Must

A couple of ways that Management can demonstrate appreciation are to spend time (e.g. 1 hour) with each new employee. Another idea is to have Management serve lunch or a bar-b-que to everyone.

3. Involve Employees in the Design of Recognition Programs

By getting employees involved in the design of their own recognition programs, you’ll be more likely to create programs that resonate with employees. These will suit them better and result in more engagement!

Know Quality, Know Profits…No Quality, No Profits

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