Risky Business

It’s all about the risk, these days, and the better we manage it, the better off we are, period! The new Standard calls for it, yes, but it’s just good business practice to assess where the potholes are in our workflow and steer clear of them. Every hour of proactive planning will save 10 hours of reactive clean up and correction.

You can anticipate glitches if you follow the workflow to spot the danger zones – then put something in place to ‘prevent human error’ (8.5.1 g). Ishikawa identified 4 major areas where unwanted results typically appear: People, Infrastructure, Work Environment and Methods. Many firms today add ‘IT’ and ‘Measurements’ as areas of concern as well. And let’s not forget ‘Customers’. In some sectors, they can be a major risk source with catastrophic consequences if something goes wrong.

A structured approach to assessing risk (and creating opportunities) can lead to a stronger system and a more sound sleep at night!


Know Quality, Know Profit…No Quality, No Profit

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