Celebrate Your Way to Success!

People aren’t you best asset, engaged people who are excited about working in your organization are your best asset. Not only that, celebrating small wins and big wins can help meet some ISO requirements – Leadership (5.1.1 h), Customer focus (5.3), Awareness (7.3) and others.

In order to move the needle in this direction, consider some of these ideas…

Celebrate team successes, individual successes – big wins, small wins – they all count for something. Think about improving 100 things by 1% instead of 1 thing by 100%, and celebrate the incremental changes. Your organization will be seen as innovative and responsive, great attributes for any company or department.

Ron Zemke (Training Magazine) suggests that ‘Recognition’ is something that Management should showing¬† ALL THE TIME, not just at special sessions. Result? Management will earn more cooperation and employees will serve customers better from the example Management has set.

Know Quality, Know Profit…No Quality, No Profit

We have easy-to-use tools built into our Cloud-based Management System platform for communicating ‘wins’. If you’d like to see if it can help improve employee motivation and engagement, schedule a demo. We’d be happy to spend 10 or 15 minutes with you to see if it’s a fit…

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