ISO 31000 – Your Blueprint for Risk Management!

Any worthwhile Standard starts with a set of ‘Principles’. ISO 31000 is no exception. Let’s see if we can tie these Risk Principles into a typical ISO Management System. Value Creation and Protection is at the core of this section of ISO 31000 and gives it relevance to any business. Without ‘structured risk management’ an […]

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ISO 10004 – Customer Satisfaction

The challenge of determining Customer Satisfaction continues. With all the available technology, we haven’t made much headway, really. Requirements = Needs + Expectations Needs are outlined in the ‘contract’ with your clients, and determined in Clause 8.2. But what about ‘expectations’? These are hard to nail down, but at the very least, make sure you’re

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Celebrate Your Way to Success!

People aren’t you best asset, engaged people who are excited about working in your organization are your best asset. Not only that, celebrating small wins and big wins can help meet some ISO requirements – Leadership (5.1.1 h), Customer focus (5.3), Awareness (7.3) and others. In order to move the needle in this direction, consider

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Unleash Potential…Drive Out FEAR!

You may recognize Deming’s 8th ‘Point’ – Drive Out Fear. There’s no better way to get people ‘engaged’ (ISO 9001, 5.1.1 h) than creating a work environment where people feel listened to and respected for their expertise, no matter how ‘basic’ that expertise is! In this Point, he talks about 4 things to do to

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Promote Pride in People

This is Deming’s 12th point – another great idea that can improve the work environment in any organization! Start with a few questions and see what emerges… Question: Is management REALLY listening? Or are people feeling like no one’s responding? Management  Question: Can people improve their own processes? Question: Can people inspect their own work?

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