Can We Make Improvements Through Integration?

You bet we can!! When we integrate 2 or more Standards, the time savings start immediately! It takes some work to combine some of the requirements, but the benefits last for the life of the system.

Top Management Benefits Management can literally kill multiple birds with one stone. As we go down the list of requirements in clause 5, Leadership, it’s easy to see how an integrated system saves auditing multiple managers. It will be much easier for management to show how they’ve met the requirements by using different examples across multiple Standards. And management will have a better picture of the overall effectiveness of the system by looking from different perspectives – Quality, Environment and Health and Safety, for example.

Auditing Benefits Integrated audits (Internal and External) will take less time than 2 separate audits. And more synergy is waiting for you. Not only that, opportunities for improvement can be leveraged: a weakness found on the quality side might just be an opportunity for improvement in the environmental area. Check with your Registrar – they’ll be able to trim some hours through efficiency. And the best benefit? There will be fewer interruptions for your people. Good news all ’round!

Know Quality, Know Profits…No Quality, No Profits

If you’d like to see how we’ve designed our platform to integrate¬† multiple sets of requirements, schedule a demo and we’ll see if it can make your ‘ISO life’ simpler!

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