Internal Audits

What To Do When The Virtual Auditor Comes…

As you all know, ISO certified organizations need to have surveillance audits at least annually to keep their certificate valid. Covid has made face-to-face encounters very dangerous, but the audits must be done to keep supplier organizations’ certificates valid. These audits will now have to be performed virtually until health risks start to decline. This […]

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How to Design A Process for Protection

The path to comfort with your risk management plan can be a complicated on one hand and scary on the other. This may help get you started down this path with a plan to work with.  Since the 1960s we’ve used Ishikawa’s fishbone diagram to great benefit. The premise here is that all non-conformances have

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Virtual Auditing – Where Do We Go From Here?

ISO 19011:2018 has more guidance for remote auditing than the previous versions. There are a number of advantages to the client when a remote audit takes place: Lower expenses charged to the client – no travel time, mileage, accommodation costs Less damage to the environment Auditors can spend more time with their families There are

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Supercharge Your Internal Audits!

Internal Auditing has been around since before dirt. Some organizations really do a great job and find improvements – this earns a return the investment. Others do it to make the Registrar happy and could do without the grief. This approach ends up costing them money and is a drain on resources. To supercharge your

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Improvement – Our Path to Success!

ISO Clause 10 requires Improvement – in fact, the word improvement appears 24 times in ISO 9001. And we all know that we have to tweak things continually to stay just a bit ahead of the competition. If we’re not getting better, it’s going to feel as if we’re falling behind. Non-conformances are a great

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Smooth Operator – ISO Clause 8

This is the ‘Rubber Hits the Road’ clause, especially for ISO 9001. The EMS and OHS standards both include the ‘Emergency and Preparedness’ in this section – Operations. By using a flowchart to illustrate your workflow you’ll be able to meet the requirements of 4.4.1 a) and b) – show what the processes are, inputs

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Make ISO Pay!

Since the 1987 version of ISO 9001 was released, we’ve been hearing organizations groan about being ISO Registered or Certified. Here are some ideas to get value out of your system. #1 Make Internal Audits pay dividends by hunting for Opportunities for Improvement instead of just looking for conformance to procedures. Poorly written procedure? Poor

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Can We Make Improvements Through Integration?

You bet we can!! When we integrate 2 or more Standards, the time savings start immediately! It takes some work to combine some of the requirements, but the benefits last for the life of the system. Top Management Benefits Management can literally kill multiple birds with one stone. As we go down the list of

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