Structure Your Continual Improvement

For years we’ve had to demonstrate that we’ve improved the effectiveness of our management systems. It’s a great money-maker for the Private Sector and improving a management system helps the Public Sector work within their budgets.

Easy words to say; hard to implement without some effort. Here’s a way to structure your strategy to systematically improve your system:

  1. Get all the customer feedback that you can. I just had a call today from my dealership – had new tires put on last week. I assumed they chose me at random but they actually call EVERY customer who had service done on their vehicle. No, I don’t drive a Mercedes, it’s a VW Jetta. There’s so much good information to be had from these calls that they take the time and reap the benefits! Remember your own internal customers, too.
  2. Audits are a great source of information to improve our systems, too. Internal audits will yield a return if auditors are trained to look for ‘results’ of processes, not just check to see that everyone is ‘following the procedure’. Bad procedures won’t yield good results! External auditors are professionally trained to ‘assess conformance’ to Standards. See how much you can glean from them instead of trying to hide issues so there are ‘no non-conformances’. Get your money’s worth from your Registrar.
  3. Well designed measurements will give you a warning if something is starting to drift off course. Look in the areas of customer experiences, process effectiveness, system effectiveness and your capacity. Improve the effectiveness of your system and you’ll increase your capacity, Increased profits follow.
  4. Management Review is usually an under-utilized source for improvement ideas even though clause 9.3.3 requires suggestions. Many organizations will put some ideas into the minutes as long as it won’t cost too much to implement them. Hats off to those organizations who take the time and get the benefit from this activity – you’re leading the way!

Know Quality, Know Profit…No Quality, No Profit

We have easy-to-use tools built into our Cloud-based Management System platform for managing your internal audits, non-conformances and Management Review. We’d be happy to spend 10 or 15 minutes with you to see if it’s a fit…

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